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About Us

Smart Home Automation 360

Welcome to Smart Home Automation 360 (www.sha360.com). We are a combination of expert teams with extensive experience in multiple fields and project executions. We have concentrated on the assignment and deadlines assigned to us, and We have completed it on time with no spillage. Having multicultural knowledge, skills, and the assigned enforcement.

We have a strong professional team to provide value-added services such as customization, authentic quality of supply, and a logical program tailored to your requirements. We can examine your situation and give the components that are best suited to be integrated into a system for you.

A smart home means your home has a smart system that connects with your appliances to semi-automate and automate specific tasks and is typically remotely controlled. Here, we 'sha360.com (SmartHomeAutomation360.com)' bring the best solutions for electrical and tech-based goods for commercial & residential which includes electrical wires, switches, modular, automation, smart device, IoT and connectivity, lighting, etc, We are constantly expanding our product offerings. So please check out our most recent offerings.

Our Values

1) Quality first

2) Affordable cost

3) Services support

Our Keys

1) Build a positive team

2) Social responsibility

3) Operational excellence

4) Act with integrity

5) Transparency

Our Mission

Maintain positive growth with our clients and partners by providing them the highest quality goods and services.

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