About Us
About Us

Smart Home Automation 360

We are a group of professional teams that has multi-core field exposure in many projects & executions. Have focused on the task and deadlines given as well as executed on time without any spillage. Having multicultural knowledge, skills, and enforcement which is assigned for.

A smart home means your home has a smart system that connects with your appliances to semi-automate and automate specific tasks and is typically remotely controlled. Here, we 'SHA360 (SmartHomeAutomation360)' bring the best solutions for electrical technology-based goods for commercial & industries which includes electrical wires, switches, modular, automation, smart device, IoT and connectivity, lighting, etc.,

India's first trading company gave a mega offer at a storefront which was a record break in this region. Now we expand our business on the tech platform to serve you whatever is specified on SmartHomeAutomation360.com.

Our Values

1) Quality with on-time delivery

2) Affordable pricing structure

3) Services support

We have a strong professional team to provide value-added services, including customization, genuine quality of supply, logical program for your needs. We can analyze your problem, and provide the components which is more suitable to integrate them into a system for you. We keep adding products regularly. So do check out our latest offerings.

Our Keys

1) Build a Positive Team

2) Social Responsibility

3) Operational Excellence

4) Act with Integrity

5) Transparency

Our Mission

Maintain positive growth with our customers and partners by offering them the best quality of goods and services

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Shipping in India

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